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This Wiki is for people to write Fan stories and pages for any form of fiction [Ex an existing Movie, TV Show, Cartoon, Anime, Comic or Video Game ]or make your own stories with your OC's. Including my Rag-Na-Rok Game print Saga. However, there are three rules you need to follow.

1, Always respect the original writer's work [do not disrespect the original vision of the writer like make one guy kill or have sex when they don't even think about it in the original work .]

2 Don't take credit for other people's work[Unless it's your story if your writing a Fan Fiction of a famous franchise or a Sequal to someone else's Fan Fiction put in the original creator's name [that includes If you want to put someone's fantasy Theme for a character ]

3 Do not Bully or Troll [If you even think about it. I well delete that page, This Wiki is for Fun not to hurt anyone's feelings.

4 If you are planning a book [Like me who is making the Soul Warrior X Serries ] to help promote your book you can write fan fiction were it can be single or a crossover about it on this wiki. But to anyone else who wants to write someone else's Book on here. You well need to get their permission and Remeber rules number 2 and 3.

That's all now have fun and let's see how creative you all can be.

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