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This story also fallows the Anime cannon

Scean One :"Six Months Later " Edit

"Princess " a female voice was heard as well as the sound of someone who was knocking the door. the voice then spoke asked again as she opend the door "Are you awake? " Reveling to be Milano aka the real Princess of the Kingdom Alita Forland who had switched bodys with the famius bounty hunter Fails by acsedent as she walked in and saw Fails who was still in Alita's body, Still snoring on the bed Milano [Alita] seeing this sighed yet with a small smile "Not again." she then pushed her alittle trying to wake her up saying "You can't sleep all day. Wakey Wakey " however Alita [Fails ] just turned to the right still sleeping as Milano [Alita ] looked embarrassed, She should of known by now that Fails was a heavy sleeper and it useally takes She does not know how long to get her to wake up. however Milano [Alita ] then saw she had no choice as she then took out a small gong and while having a nervus look she said "I hope you forgive me for this " as she then hit the Gong witch made a load noise that finaly woke Alita [Fails ] up with a shock as the latter yelled "YAH " as she then fell off the bed as a worried Milano [Alita ] looked on asking concerned "Ah are you alright ? " Alita [Fails] then got back up rubbing her head annoied sarcasticly "No I just fell off the bed for the fun of it ow that stings " Milano [Alita ] Appougised while bowing and said " Sorry, Its just you weren't waking up so I had to impervise ........" However Alita [Fails ] just put her hand out saying with a small smirk "No mengion it. Not like this is the first time this has happend right so can't hold it agenst you " Milano [Alita ] then had a freindly smile as Alita [Fails ] then just sighed and said with her hands on her hips Boardly "But at the same time. It may of been just six months but I'll never get use to this Princess lifestyle. Its got even worse since Dominikov and Pete are gone " Milano [Alita ] looked down in sadness and remember everything that happend after what her brother Kaito under the witch Cecilia's control tried to do with the agecent weppion Teoria to destroy the world. Luckly her and Fails managed to stop his plan however by doing so all things created from the Old World's science would be wiped from exsitince including their friends Dominikov and Pete. Both of them wish there was someway of brainning those two back from the dead but alas it can't really be done. "So I take it you mess them hu ? " Milano [Alita ] then looked up and saw it was Alita [Fails ] who asked her that as Milano [Alita ] then answers "Of Couse I do. Don't you ?" Alita [Fails ] had a small sympathetic smile saying " Everyday. Before I bumped into you. they were my only friends. But unless we can somehow rewind time it looks like theres no way for them to come back so it looks like we both have to move foward " Alita [Fails ] then turned back with a smirk saying " and don't worry. It may of been Six Months but I still promise I well take care of this kingdom and find away to get us back to our normal bodies " Milano [Alita ] then smiled back while saying "Right " Alita [Fails ] then again just sighed and said "But at the same time. Things are getting boring around here, I really hope that I don't know something happends to lighten the mood around here " Milano [Alita ] then said with a worried tone "wait you don't meen something like Teoria again " Alita [Fails] then just said "Yeah well maybe not that extreme but you know what I meen I littery feel like I'm dying of boardom " Milano [Alita ] then smiled politly and asked "Maybe some tea well help cure that " Alita [Fails ] then chuckled alittle bit saying "Maybe but I dought that. Yet I guess haveing a cup well help thanks " Milano [Alita ] then smiled again while bowing and said "your welcome. I'll go make it now then " as she then walked over to the kittle while looking at it she remeberd something from the past. a semmler time when she brewed Tea for Fails before and how she understood how when Kaito returns. Fails would go away however allot has changed since then. Kaito was reforemed after being locked up for three months witch made all of Cecilia's infulence over him go away. He now lives in the castle but becouse of his past actions he can never be crowed King. after finaly pooring a cup for Fails she then looked in it and then back at Alita [Fails] who was lyeing down on her seat boardly looking out the window. Milano [Alita ] was torn by something just like Fails she wants to get her body back but at the same time she was worried that when they do get there bodies back that Fails would leave .....she didn't want to say goodby to her becouse Fails was very specel to her and shes learned allot from her. She was so lost in thought that "Hey Milano ? " Milano [Alita ] looked over and saw Alita [Fails ] said in a kidding way "You do know that Tea isen't going to move just by you staring at it right " Milano at first blinked twice in confusing before looking at the cup again and reolising she was wasteing time she then looked like she was sorry about it and said "Woops, Sorry about that " as she then took it over to her Alita [Fails ] then said "Right. You sure your ok you were stareing into that cup for a midnute " Milano [Alita ] smiled and said "no worries I'm fine Princess trust me " Alita [Fails ] then took the cup and said "If you say so " as she then drinked from it she smiled saying "Well Its good anyways you might need to stare into it more often if it makes it taste this good " Milano [Alita ] Smiled at this she was happy to help ......she then thought to herself "There maybe a day when we have to say goodbye to each other. But I'll make whatever time we have togever count "

Sceane Two "Enter the Four Hoseriders " Edit

Outside in the streets of Forland. The Citasons of the Kingdom Men,Woman and Children looked at Four Clocked Horseriders each baring a diffrent Collour, Dark Pourple,Dark Green,Dark Orinege and Dark Blue they each were riding on brown horses with black mains, The Civilens looked at them with a look of fear and confusion as the leader in Pourple stoppe his horse with the other three , He then looked up as they saw the Castle a few miles away the leader said in a calm man's voice "We Fond it. the Castle of the Legendary Murder Princess " The one in Dark Green then rode up becide him and said in a freindly yet couchess female voice "Yes Princess Alita Foreland. I'v heard of the tales, They say that all those who oppose the Foreland Kingdom if they be man or beast. There blood baiths on her flesh " The one in Dark Blue said in a confedent guys voice "Also I hear she's smoking hot " The one in the Dark Orenge then elbowed him in the gut for that comment as the One in Blue then held his gut in pain and yelled "Ow what the hell Thorn " The one called Thorn said in a annoyed female voice "We are here on an important Mission dumbass. We are not here so you can pick up a chick looks " Thorn then sounded not imprssed and said "But seriuesly I dought this Alita Foreland is really this "Murder Princess " from what I heard, When that Scinetect tried to take over the throne she fleed " The One in Green then said "True, But I also heard from other sorces that she then came back and quickly defeted that Scinetst's Robot Girl. " Thorn just looked annoied and said "Those are just rumors. I dought that coward can even hurt a fly " The one in Green sounded concerned as she asked the one in Pourple "looks like theres no confecneing her. But Princeps, are you really sure we should be doing this. You do know what well happen if we tick the Murder Princess off right ? " the one in Pourple then told her "I know the risk's but we need to take them. This mission is two important to take chances " as he then pulled the Horse handle to make his horse and the other Horseriders ride to the castle to meet this "Murder Princess "

Sceane Three : Sister and Brother Edit

"There we go Nice and tidey now " said Milano [Alita ] who was tiding the large Laibery with a wipe from her head becouse of all the hard work while she add's "Thats all of the books. Now witch one should I pick out to read for my break um " as she was looking around for a book suddnely she then heard a thud behind her as she then stoped in place Milano [Alita] Turned around while asking "what was. Hu ? " she saw a book had fallen from one of the book shelfs. She then walked over and questioned looking at the book asking herself "Hu why did that book fall off the Shelf ........" she then got a closer look at the book while picking it up from the ground she saw more of what the book looked like. It was a blood red like book with the Title was written in gold "The Murder Queen ? " Milano [Alita ] said wonding what the book was about she knows she shouldent really read this but she was courrius so she looked around to see if anyone was looking at her so she does not get cought she then opend the book and read it "Some say for decades. The Forland family has been a peaceful yet proud family. Always trying to find the peaceful way of settlin things with the other nations. But That is not really the case there was one exspection to the Forland kingdom someone who was nick named the Muder Queen " she then gaspt in horror, She thought her family was pure and didn't have any nick names like that, Heck people were calling Fails the Muder Princess becouse of her tactects but she did not know another one. Being courrius she took another look at the book and was trying to turn the page when ....." You weren't supposed to see that. Alita " Milano [Alita ] heard a famiyer voice say her real name as she then turned around to see who it was and saw standing across from her was her Brother the former Dark Knight Kaito who walked foward slowley "Kaito " she asked as he got closer as the former King of Forland asked "Alita what are you doing reading that book. Jado told me himself that should always stay away from The other Forland decendence " Milano [Alita ] Appougised and said sadly " I'm sorry Kaito. I was just courrius, I never heard of this Murder Queen before " Kaito then asked cold alittle "So you did read the book ? " Milano replied sadley "Only the first page " Kaito then had a small sympthitic smile saying "Good well keep it that way. There are Dark Secrets to our family history Alita I don't want you to get hurt " Milano [Alita ] then looked down and said sadly "But ......I am not Alita anymore. I give all that up when I offered Fails myself so she can defend our kingdom so right now I'm just Jados Grandoughter Milano " Kaito however then had a calm smile saying "Well no matter what you call yourself now even if your useing Fails body. Your always going to be my sister ........." Milano [Alita ] then smiled when she saw that Kaito then had a symphtictic look on his face as then Milano [Alita ] asked currious wonding "Kaito. Is everything alright your looking down " Kaito then knowtist Milano [Alita ] looking at her the former King said sadly "Its just. Its been six months but I never got over how stupied I was " Milano [Alita ] felt bad knowing what Kaito was talking about as Kaito then said in a crossed way "Destroying the world just to put an end to conflect. Why couldent I see how stupid that was. " Milano [Alita ] then tried to chear him up explaing "But it wasent your fault. Cecilia was the one to make you feel that way " Kaito looked down and said as he gripped his fist in anger "Thats true but I .........I let myself get used by her. I nearly destoryed this Kingdom that I wanted to protect I also nearly killed both you and Fails no wonder I can never be King again who would want a king who forces his wrath on his subjects " Milano [Alita ] then tried to confince her brother "But Kaito, thats all in the past. Your back to your normal self again " Kaito then had a small smile and said "I know. I Owe you and Fails for that. After you both spared by life even after everything I had done helped me reolise how messed up I was. I just wish there was someway I can return the favor to both of you " Milano [Alita ] looked down in sadness again she felt bad for how hard Kaito was getting on himself however Kaito looked at his sister and asked "But now onto another topic. What are you going to do if Fails does find away to switch both of you back to your true bodies " Milano [Alita ] then took a deep breath in fear as she asked "what do you meen ? " Kaito looked at her seriues " You do know what I meen right. Fails is one hundred percent dedacated to trying to get you both back to normal. And trust me I feel like its only a matter of when than if she well find away so what are you going to do then? " Milano [Alita ] then understood and said "Thats true, If she does find away then that meens I'll be the one to take control of our kingdom but ..........." Kaito looked at how his sister was still feeling upset by this idea while she admited "I don't know if I can feel in her shoes. Fails has done allot for this kingdom already I......I'm not sure I have what it takes to take over for her " Kaito however then put his hand on her shoulder as Milano [Alita ] staired right at him as he explaines "I think you well " Milano [Alita ] looked puzzeld as her brother exsplains "Alita, Remeber it is you who gives Fails strength to safe Forland from everything and I can tell youve grown allot more confedent I personaly think you well be a good Princess again " Milano [Alita ] however still looked unsure of that as Kaito then explains "But you also got to beleve in yourself. Remeber its not just you along I'll help you every step of the way " Milano [Alita ] still sounded worried and said "thanks but I'm also worried about something else Kaito " Kaito looked at his sister intrested in what she was about to say when she said "If me and her reswitch back to normal. Then Shes .......shes going to leave I don't know if I am ready for that " Kaito then took his hand off of her sisters shoulder while understanding why she was sad after all both Alita and Fails have become close friends there was a moment silence when suddnely someone burst through the door both Forland Siblings look to see one of the Forland Knights run through the door saying "Sir Kaito, Miss Milano !" Kaito then asked confused "Yes ? " The Knight explained "Four Hooded Horseriders are heading for the castle. We do not know what they want but everyone of those knights who want to stop them are getting beaten one by one " Both the Siblings look concerned by this as Milano [Alita ] asked worried "You meen they killed them ? " The Knight shock his head and said "No, they just beat them up alittle and then keept moving foward theres no telling what they want. " Kaito then nooded and said "Thanks for telling us. Well get it sorted " The Knight then nooded as he then went out the door saying "With Pleasure " as he left Milano then looked at her brother detemend saying "I'll go get Fails " as she then ran out of the room to go find the Murder Princess

Sceane 4 : a Forgotten Past Edit

Inside the hall of the Forland castle, The Butler for the Forland family Jado was watching the large doors with coshion. a Member of the Forland Knights has worned him of these Horseriders were about to enter the castle with there steeds. Jado then thought to himself with a worried look with a bit of sweat "What I mess " Jado heard a voice as he turned around and saw Kaito ran over as Jado then looked at the former King and asked "Sir Kaito were are Princess Alita and Maliano ? " Kaito explained with coshion "Milano going off to get Alita. " Kaito knew that the other knights do not know the predecament that both the Real Alita and Fails were in as Jado qurestioned with concern " Thats not good. If by any chance these Four Horseriders well probley be after her. We best be on are gard " "Sir there coming !" both the Buttler and the former King heard a soldger shout as then the door slamed opend and the fourhorseriders enterd the room on there horses they then rode them around the knights and Jado all were looking conchess by this finaly the horseriders stoped as one by one they got off of there horses Princeps got off his Horse first and then pet it calmly saying "Good Girl thanks for taking me all this way " the Horse then pured as the other three horseriders got off The One in the Dark Green who looked muscler for a woman her size looked around and said "So this is Forland Castle. Pretty nice yet I never thought it would be so Big " The one in Blue then told her "I theorise thats probley becouse its the castle for the Forland Royal Family that it has to be for all of its gaurds or I could say that is nighty percent likely " Thorn then got off and said annoied "Well you just stop with these Math talk. Why do you always have to be so smart yet so much of a hitter sometimes ? " Thorn then looked away annoyed while adding "This castle isent so specel but I guess a Pretty little Princess can enjoy it " "I beg your pardon young lady " The Four Horseriders then heard Jado say as they all turned to him as the Buttler explains "This castle was made eons ago to keep the Forland family and its History protected. It is not to be insulted like that " Thorn looked annoied by him and said "Shut it Gramps. I don't care about any dumb family history " Jado looked annoied back and asked "what. How dare you, hasent anyone told you to respect your elders ?" Before Thron could say anything the one in green coverd Thorns Mouth while admiting "Sorry, Thorn here has a bit of a slip Toughn. This Castle does look nice " Jado then went back from being angry to conserned and asked "Yes.well Its nice to see one of you has respect but that repetes the qurestion who are you four ? " "Bounty Hunters " Jado heard Kaito who had a concerned look say as the former King revelas "i heard from allot of people when I was out of these walls for help. I heard of a group of five Bounty Hunters who wore Clocks who spring fear with them rideing there horses.....You wouldent happen to be the Horsemen right " Thorn then tried to speak but The one in green still was holding her mouth "HORSEMEN .....I'm a WOMAN DUMBASS " The one in Blue then commented and said "Yes well it looks your fifty percent right about that. Kaito Forland but the other fithty percent you are wrong about " Kaito looked confused by that statement as the leader Princeps explains with coshion and Kindness " What my fellow Rider Spock here is trying to say is that were more of Mecenarys than Bounty Hunters. We do take jobs for people to kill but we make sure the ones who give us a task have a pure heart before we take it. And were called the Horseriders not the Horsemen,Thorn and Rubina are female " Kaito then asked unsure of what they were saying was true " If thats true then why have you come here. Are you out for a job to take my sisters life " Princeps then explains seriues "On the contrary We are on are break and we need help with something please " He then bowed on one knee and asked "may we hope to speak guidence with your sister the Princess Alita Forland " Jado then asked concerned "Why do you wish to speak with the Princess ? " Princeps explains sadley " as the former King said, There were five of us yet we recentley heard news that one of our sister has dissiperd in the last six Months. We are hopeing to find her but we need to speak with the Princess first please " all the knights, Jado and Kaito all looked at this not sure on what to beleve however Jado then had a small smile and said "Alright then. we well give you the chance to speak to our Princess on the condesion that you are indeed telling the truth. If not then all these Knights well defend her " Princeps then nooded and said "Thank you your elderness " However all the other knights including Kaito still looked at the four as the other three members talked Thorn said annoied "Pff like heck that all these Knights would make a diffrence we would beat them all Asap " Spock then explained tapping his head and said "Yes but remeber dummy. Were not here to kill anyone were here to find answers and truths but it does look like they don't seem to trust us yet " Robina then admited worried "I'm sure they got there reasons but I hope we can atleast win them over " "Sorry Princess but you really have to get out there now " everyone heard Milano [Alita's ] voice in the distince they all then looked at the throne hearing from the door that then Alita [Fails ] said as if she had something in her mouth "But I havent finished Lunch yet......." she then swallowed what was in her mouth saying "and anyways not like this is a big deal anyways. I swear Milano you take thing's way to seriuesly sometimes " Milano [Alita] replaied "Thats what happens when four strangers in hoods rideing horses makes me " as they got closer that the people in the hall started to hear there voice get loader Alita [Fails] said desrecpectful like "Well can you atleast slow down and don't push me so freaking ha.......whaaa" just then from the entrince to the door the Alita [Fails ] then tripped and fell face first on the ground. Milano [Alita ] ran up concerned by this and said "Oh my Princess I'm so sorry are you ok ?" Alita [Fails ] then was getting up sounding abit annoied saying sarcastically  "Wonderful. " three of the Horesriders saw this as they all looked embarrassed by what they saw as Rubina asked "that's the Murder Princess ?" Thorn said the same way " More like the Bitchy Bratty Princess " Spock then said in the same way as his female partners "you know I'm Seventy Five percent sure ........She's not my type after all " Alita [Fails ] while dusting herself off heard what the three Horserider's said with a look of confusion on her face she thought "that's weraid, Those three sound famiyer to me.wonder why ?" however she then looked around and saw that after her trip the knights were all looking at her confused or embarrised. Alita [Fails ] then reolising some of her coolness facter was dameged then smirked and then stood on the throne with one foot asking looking at Princeps and the other three Horseriders  "Right, you want me well here I am. I'm the Princess of the Forland Kingdom Alita Forland. Now state your four business here or Buss off " with that she regained her coolness factor as Milano [Alita ] smiled at the princess while Jado and Kaito just facepalmed yet someone who was in the room was not happy shouted "Buss off. Hay noone tells us to Buss off you idiot " Alita [Fails ] just smirked while saying in a proud way "I just did Brat " Thorn looked like her head was about to errupt like a Volcano and shouted "BRAT!" Rubina then pulled Thorn away before saying embarrised alittle "Um maybe we should really let our leader talk to you Princess. Sorry but this member has a temper " Thorn then shouted annoyed "I do not !" Alita [Fails ] then took a seat on her throne and said "a Temper hu. Well I guess thats something I have in common with her exspecelly when someone interupts my lunch time. Now witch one of you is the leader ?" Princeps walked over and bowed saying "that would be me your highness " Alita [Fails ] then looked board while lying down on her throne asking "so your the leader of this group hu. You know you got some nerve showing up here but also guts I've atleast got to respect that " Princeps then added with respct "thank you your grace. We the Horseriders have heard from you from outside the kingdom. A Fearful ruler that both Nations,Bounty Hunters and Mecernerys respect but fear at the same time. We do have respect for your legacy as they even named you the Murder Princess" Alita [Fails ] then said with a small smirk again "well now. Nice to know I've left an impact ......." suddnely she then remeberd something as she thought with a look at said she saw a ghost while thinking "Wait a sec. Did he just say Horserider's " Milano [Alita ] was the only person who noticed Alita [Fails] face after Princeps said Horseriders as the leader of them spoke again explaining "Your Grace I'm sorry to ask but we need your help we are not your enemy's and hope that you can help us " Alita [Fails ] Looked serious now and questioned "not my enemies hu. Hard to believe that when those clocks are blocking your face. If you really want help pull your hoods down and let me see who you are ?" Princeps then took his hood down while saying " Of course your Highness " as the leader of the Horseriders took his hood down Alita [Fails] looked completly shocked by his face Princeps had short dark orenge smove like hair and eyes he also seemed to have a scar above his right eye. the clock also revealed his white top and brown buttons with a sword holder on it. Princeps then spoke and says "My name is Princeps your highness " Milano [Alita ] looked stunned by this and said "Princeps ?" she remeberd that her Mother used to tell her about a conunty called Princeps that was completly destroyed by a monster. Is this guy from there however Milano [Alita ] then turned her head as she saw Alita [Fails ] had a look of shock but was doing her best to try to hide it as Milano [Alita ] questioned this she started to hear the other Horseriders speak started with Rubnia who put her hood down reveling to have spike dark green hair and blue eyes looking at her Milano could tell she was fit as Rubina explained " My name is Rubina " Spock then added as he took his hood off and reveled to be having Dark Blonde hair and brown eyes he then said "I'm Spock Fithty percernt gienus and fithry percent Playboy " as then finaly Thorn took her hood off reveling to have a dark blue hair in a poney tail. With Orenge eyes and a scar on her forhead. while she said crossed "Not that I like to tell Ya but the names Thorn " Milano [Alita ] noticed while Spock had the same outfit as Princeps. Both Rubina and Thorn had the same outfit just a bra and trasures with a cape. That look seems famiyer until it then knocked into her head as she remeberd thinking "That's, that's the same outfit Fails had on when I meet her on the cliff " she then had a flashback to the time when she and Fails switched bodys she then turned to Alita[Fails ] to see if this was true as she saw through her eyes the Princess had an embarrassed yet shocked look were she was even more speechless she Kaito looked at how Fails was reacting to this and thought to himself "That look. She looks as if she had seen them before " the Four Horseriders looked at how the Princess was reacting to them concerned and wondering why she was speechless as Milano [Alita ] then finally decided to ask "Your highness is everything alright " Alita [Fails ] then had a smile trying to hide her true feelings admited "Um no its fine really haha " however she was then thinking while biteing her lip "Not these Guys again. Of all the times I sware " Princeps then with a confused tone asked "Well you do appear to be in a shock. Mind if I continue ?" Alita[Fails ] then lied on the arm of the chair boad like saying "Well you started might as well let you finish. So what is it that you want ?" Princeps then explained serious "right. Well like your brother had said before our Horseriders were once five. But one of our sisters decided to leave the group to set out on her own witch we allowed but she we recently got word that six months ago she and her two partners dissiperd " Milano [Alita ] felt odd by what Princeps said as she thought to herslef "Six Months, Two Partners .......that sounds like ......." Princeps explained with a serious tone saying "if you want to know the name Princess Alita ......our sister's name was Fails " this news surprised Jado,Kaito and Milano[Alita ] the latter the most when she looked at the Princess again and thought to herself "Fails is there sister ?" Alita [Fails ] looked at Milano [Alita ] with one of her eyes witch told the latter this was indeed true to her surprise. Alita [Fails ] then stood up looking seriues and asked "so let me guess. You came here to find this Fails thinking I know were she is well sorry to tell you four but your Fails is in another castle " Milano [Alita ] looked confused by Alita[Fails ] answer unsure why she wanted to keep it a secret if they are her brothers and sisters Princeps however smiled and explained "well yeah its true were trying to find Fails. But at the same time no that is not the reason we came here " Alita [Fails ] looked at this confused and asked wonding feeling kind of hurt and annoied "well if your not here to find you "Sister" then why the hell did you come into my kingdom ?" Princeps again bowed saying "Becouse. we are sertching for something to help us find her .......The Chalice of Hope " Milano [Alita ] then asked for Alita [Fails ] "The Chalice of Hope ?" Princeps nodded and explained seriues "it is an ancient artefact locked by many keys to find. However if someone or a group of people finds it and when the Chalice glows bright they can get any wish they want granted " Alita [Fails ] started to sound interested by this and asked, "Any wish you say ?" Princeps nooded and explained "yes we hope to use this Chalice to find Fails wereever she is to make sure she's alright. But at the same time, we believe four people well not be enough so thats why we came here today. " he then stood up and said "I can understand if what I am about to ask is hard for you to do. But Because of your repatriation as the Murder Princess we came to recruit you on this quest " on the Throne stage both Alita [Fails ] and Milano [Alita ] had wide eyes in shock as Jado asked for them "You want Princess Alita to join you on this Crusade ?" Princeps nooded and said " I know its tough but its not just finding Fails that we need her for there are even more threats who want the Chalice so when we heard about Alita Forlands recent Murder Princess phase we decided that she was the perfect canadate " Milano did not know what to think about this. If the Princess did decide to go with the Horseriders then who would defend the kingdom however Alita [Fails ] while thinking the same also reolised that this is her only chance to get both her and the Real Alita back to there normal bodies. She then stood up and looked at them saying " this is intresting. Is it only going to be one wish ?" Princeps explained seriues "well that depends sometimes its also two or three , Then the cave colapses and then takes over fithty  years until it retruns to its former state " Alita [Fails ] then had a sereiues look saying "hm then alow me to talk to my maid Malino,my Buttler Jado and my brother Kaito before I give you my answer if thats alright with you ?" Princeps then nooded and exsplained "of course. I am aware of the dangers of leaving this kingdom but we well need your power to save this world and our sister " Alita [Fails ] then said with a smirk "alright then. I'll give it ten minnutes before I make my mind up " she then looked at Milano [Alita ] saying "Milano " as she walked away into the other room with a worried Milano [Alita ] fallowed her as she was looking at the other Four Horseriders worried incase Fails was going to say yes.

Sceane 5 "Ledgends of the five Horseriders " Edit

"So you were apart of the Horseriders ?" asked Kaito who was leaning on the wall as he was in the room with Jado, Malano[Alita ] and Alita [Fails ] who the latter explained with a sigh "Pretty much yeah I was " Milano [Alita ] then asked confused about this "But wait. How come you never told anyone here that you had Siblings ?" Alita [Fails ] exspelined with a stubben look "were the four of us are not relighted by blood like you and  Kaito are if that's what you're asking. We just had the same adopted father that's all " Milano [Alita ] qurestend "Oh I guess that makes sense but then does that meen you were a member of the Horseriders when we fell off the cliff. You never menged them even once after that " Alita [Fails ] then sighed and said "Pff you know what. I had the funniest feeling I would have to tell you my past so might as well tell you all before I have come from a decision " the three of them then stared at Alita [Fails ] who explained to them "Now, as I'm sure you guys have already known that Bitch Cecilia burned down my Village. I was at the time as little girl so I got scared and ran away. When I got to the woods I was attacked by a synthetic beast, of couse I didn't have the edge of being the Murder Princess so I nearly became that beast lunch. That was when he killed it The man called Edge " Milano [Alita ] questioned this by asking "Edge?" Jado opend his eyes wide when he heard that name and questioned "wait, are you saying that is Sir Blade Edge of the Western Lands " Alita [Fails ] nooded and exsplained with a small smirk "the Very same. He saved me and took me in as one of his new Daughters after I begged  to come with him " Jado then nooded and explained "I see, I have heard from sorces that Sir Blade Edge was a skilled swordsmen no wonder your good at it yourself " Milano [Alita] qurestioned confused by this asking "so he took you in and then what happend ?" Alita [Fails ] then closed one of her eyes explaining remebering her past "well he introduced me to the jerks in the Hall. the four Thorn,Spock,Rubina and the leader of us Princeps " Milano [Alita ] still confused by Princeps being the name of the Kingdom that had been destoryed by that monster then Kaito spoke what was on Milano[Alita]'s mind "Princeps. wasent that the name of the Kingdom that got destroyed by a monster. " Alita[Fails ] then taunted saying "ha so I see I didn't knock too much braincells when I kicked your ass before " Kaito looked annoied by that but said nothing while Alita [Fails ] admited "but your right Princeps was apart of that Kingdom. Infact he was the Prince " Milano [Alita ] eyes went in a state of shock and asked "the Prince !" Alita [Fails ] looked at Milano [Alita ] with a smirk and revealed "yep. thats why People called him the Uncrowed King however, he didn't like to talk about it that much ha its funny I remeber when I was younger I respected him allot at how good of a tachtesshion he was. If I can give complaments I say hes one of the best leaders there was " Alita [Fails ] then looked up at the sky and said "then theres The Mounten Smasher. Rubina " Milano [Alita ] questioned "You meen that older female member why is she called the Mounten Smasher ?" Alita [Fails ] then crossed her arms remebering "Becouse she can smash a mounten. She doecent look it but Rubina is one of the strongest woman I ever known. Like Princeps I have respect for her streanth but dispoints at the same time she was too  kind hearted it almost makes me sick as how nice she was " Milano [Alita ] had a smile hearing that as Jado then admited saying "she did show respect to me after that Thron partner of her's insulted the Forland dynesty the way she did " Alita [Fails ] then done a facepalm and admitted getting annoyed "Ugh don't get me started on Thorn little brat been wanting to be better than me for years " Milano [Alita ] looked confused by this and questioned "so I guess Thorn has an attitude problem " Alita [Fails ] put one finger out and waved it saying "Think Ana but ten times worse. Sad for her each time she challenge me she always ends up losing one of the times she got alittle present from me with that scar on her head " the other three looked embarrassed by this so Fails was the one who give Thorn her scar on her forhead as Milano [Alita ] questioned " wait why did you give her that scar ?" Alita [Fails ] then complied alittle by saying "hay don't treet me like I was the badguy. It was Thorn who made that challenge in the first place were the first one to scar their opponent wins " Milano [Alita ] then thought that made sense and then said "I guess that makes sense " Alita [Fails ] smirked with her eyes closed saying "Yep, but if theres one thing I can give Thorn is that her speed is incredible. She was one of the fastest people I thought ever that got herself the Nickname the Invisible Nemp " then then smiled saying "two bad I was still two good for her to beat now that brings me to the last member the Playmaster Spock " Kaito interupted and asked"Playmaster ?" Alita [Fails ] made a funny face explaing "like the others Spock has a useful gift. Becides being a Playboy or whatever he calls it hes one of the Smartest people I known " Milano [Alita ] questioned looking at her "how come ?" Alita [Fails ] then explained serious with one hand on her hip "well he somehow made a bone fire, some wood, and some herbs to cause an explosion to one of those who wishes to go agesnt us. Together we were the students under Edge for many years then one day he dissiperd without any explanation as to where he went so we then formed our own group of Mercernerys  the Five Horseriders " Milano [Alita ] questioned looking at her and asked "so what happened why did you leave them ?" Alita [Fails ] exsplains crossing her arms again "simple. I Got board, I didn't want to share a legecey with the other four I wanted to make my own. So after asking for it and with Princeps agreement I left, meet Pete and Dominikov then started my own group of Bounty Hunters for five years until a certen someone bumped into my and knocked me off the cliff, so yeah now were here " Milano [Alita ] looked at her and said "so that's how you know them " Alita [Fails ] then smirked and said "yeah kind of cute. They came all this way and wanted to find a magical artifact just to find little old me " Jado however had a worried look and asked "yes but now your old friends have come here to recruit you to find said Magical Artifact the Chalice of Hope yet .......if you leave then the kingdom will be in great danger from outside threats " Alita [Fails ] crossed her arms and said "think I don't know that gramps. " Jado then yelled at her saying "You watch your toughen young lady " Alita [Fails ] crossed her arms again saying "well I'm stumped anyway's. Being a Princess is so boring to me so this Chalice of Hope thing could be my only chance to get it back but ......" she then closed her eyes saying " If I do go then this Kingdom will be put into danger without its ruler there " Milano [Alita ] then looked down with a worried look until "I can help you with that " Alita [Fails],Milano [Alita] and Jado all heard Kaito say as the latter conteuded by saying "I could watch this Kingdom while you go with the Horseriders to find this chalice then when you get back I'll give it you Alita if she does get her body back or you if it didn't work " all three of them stared at the Former king as Milano [Alita ] qurestioned confused "But I thought the deal was that you could never be crowned King after everything with Teoria " "Atchley, that's not true " Both Milano [Alita ] and Alita [Fails] looked at Jado who explained "Kaitos punishment was that he could never be a permeate King no one said he could never be a tempoery King so yes this could work " Kaito then continued saying "thats correct. I've always wanted to redeem myself for my actions as the Dark Knight so this is my chance to. Please allow me this to redeem my past sins " however in that split second Alita [Fails ] pulled out her blade and pointed it up till inches of a stunned Kaito face to everyones shock looks as Milano asked "Fails what are you doing ?" however Alita [Fails ] ignored her before stateing to Kaito coldly "You think its going to be that easy. For me to forgive you after what you tried to do Kaito. well Ill tell you something the only reason your still alive is becouse of Alita. If I had it my way on that day you wouldn't even be here breathing but seeing as we have no other choice. Fine you can look after the Kingdom but if you dare act like the Dark Knight on that throne again I'll got your head off. Got it " Kaito said seriues at her "Chresitle " Alita [Fails ] then put her blade away and said with a smirk "Good " Milano [Alita ] sounded worried asked, "Wait so you're going ?" Alita [Fails ] looked at her and said " That depends on you Alita " Milano [Alita ] looked at her and asked "what ?" Alita [Fails ] exsplained looking at her seriues "You didn't really think I wouldn't ask your opionion on this, I know if we do get our bodies switched back to normal then you would have to take over this kingdom, are you ready for that ?" Milano [Alita ] then gripped her hands together before tightly and sighed saying with a sympthitic smile "don't you remember our deal. As long as you protect this kingdom then I'm yours body and soul to do as you please say and I'll obey so ......" she then started to cry alittle with the others there feeling bad for her before saying "even if I don't know if I'm ready yet. I know how you really want us to get back to our original bodies and after everything youve done to help this kingdom. If you want to go with them then I wont stop you even if that means I have to say goodby" Alita [Fails ] looked stunned and could not beleve what Milano [Alita ] just said however she then smirk and repiled "Thanks but what are you talking about were not saying goodby now " Milano [Alita ] then wiped her tears and asked confused by that " Were not ?" Alita [Fails ] smirked again and said "No becouse your coming with me " this surprised both Jado and Kaito as Milano [Alita ] asked with a stunned look "wait I am " Alita [Fails ] commented with a smile "hey someones got to be there to keep me calm with everyone there going to give me a headache " she then smiled in a smirking way "That is if your saying if you don't want to go " as she then exstended her hand to her Milano [Alita ] then wyped away the rest of her tears and then said with a smile taking it "of couse I would want to go with you " Alita [Fails ] said with a confedent way "thats setteled that  then" she then raised her right hand to the sky shouting "Yeah that Chalice is a good as ours ".

Scene 6 "The Deal is made " Edit

"Gahhhh whats taking them so LONG!?" Thron complained crossing her arms madly saying in anger doe to waiting by her horse Rubina looked to try to calm her down and said "Relax Thorn I'm sure they won't take that long it's only been five minutes and the Princess did say that it would be ten minutes before she would be Ten Minutes " Thorn just looked away annoied by this and said "Grr I still don't see how that Little pretty Princess is supposed to help us find that Chalice even if she is this "Murder Princess ". I'm sure we could handle it ourselfs " Spock however said while he was sitting on his horse saying "Atchley thats not intercalary correct. Legends say that the trails to the Chalice of hope can only be accomplished by five or more people. Four people wouldent work " Rubina then added and said putting one hand on Thorn's shoudler explaining "Plus there are more oppoents who want to get the chalice. We can't just risk it for pride Thorn " Thorn just looked annoied by this before adding "Grr fine but once we know were Fails is I'm challenging her to a rematch and get my payback for that Mark she put on my head. " Spock then asked confused by this "why are you still bitter about that. You were the one to challenge her before and you paid the price " Thorn just looked away from him gripping her fist in anger "S......Shut Up" Rubina couldn't help but chuckle at this however Princeps was watching the door to wait for the Princesses return as he was thinking back "Fails. I knew you are out there somewhere sister we well find you with the help of Princess Alita or I'll die trying " suddenly it was at that moment when the door to the throne room opened and the Horseriders saw Alita [Fails ] and Milano [Alita] walk out as the other saw them, Rubina then said serious "looks like the Princess is back " Thorn said with a small smirk "Ha finally." Spock then brought up a good point by thinking  "wait whys that Maid there ?" it was at that moment that Alita [Fails ] then revealed "well I have made my decision " Princeps looked intreeged by the Princesses answer and asked, "And ?" Alita [Fails ] smirked saying "My brother Kaito well watch over the Kingdom. But I'll only come with you on two condisions " Princeps looked intrested and asked " Condisions, Hm ok then I'll ask what are these Conshions your Highness " Alita [Fails ] then put her hands on her hips and asked "Do you always have to say your Highness to me ?" Princeps however then had a look of regret and asked "D....does it make you mad if so then sorry it was just my way of rolity to address another " Alita [Fails ] however shugged her shoulders and said "relax I was just kidding. I hear this sort of thing day in and day out " she then put two fingers out and explained "well here are my condisions. If that Chalice grants more than one wish then I get the first wish for myself do we have a deal on that " Princeps had a smile and said "alright I guess it would be fair for you to get a wish. whats the second ?" Alita [Fails ] then simpley pointed to Milano [Alita ] saying with a smirk "My maid, Milano gets to come with us as well " Milano then had a really friendly smile as Princep looked stunned by this one and asked "wait, what ?" Thorn then interupted and said annoyed by this idea "what get real. What can a stupid maid gonna do dust every monster to sleep ?" Milano [Alita ] looked slightley hurt by that comment, however, Spock then said as he scratched his head "Yeah, for once I am eighty five percent with Thorn here. No offense but this plan has a nighty five percent chance of failure " Alita [Fails ] crossed her arms and said "well it sucks to be you then. It's ever Milano comes with us or I'm not going your choice " Princeps had an odd look about this as he looked down he didn't want to say anything that would hurt Milanos feeling but he did agree with the others that was until " ah just like her come with us " the other three Horseriders saw there partner Rubina say that with even the Princess and the Maid looking at her odd like as the Mountin Smasher then explains " If you suggesting this much for her to come with us then there has to be a reason why. So if there is no other way then I guess Milano can come along with us " as she then walked up to face Alita [Fails ] and Milano [Alita ] before looking at the latter with a more seriues look asking "But you also got to know that the rode ahead isn't going to be easy, there well be monsters,traps and other threats that well try to stop us. I can't be sure you'll stay alive exspeclly if you can't fight are you sure your willing to go through all that Milano ?" Milano [Alita ] looked determend and explsined "I understand your worried for my safty but, I've given everything to Princess Alita my body and soul, anything she wants me to do I well not even have a second thought, so even if I can't fight then I'll try to do the best to try to help as much as I can " Rubina had had a smile saying "your speaking as if you had experience with something simmler " Milano [Alita ] then looked down nervuesly while admiting "You could say that " however she then felt a light tap on her shoulder from Alita [Fails ] who explained "ah no need to worry about Milano. Trust me when I tell you shes saved my ass more than once " Milano [Alita ] looked at Alita [Fails ] with a surpised happy look Rubina then smiled at them saying "very well if you made up your mind then there's no stopping you from coming with us. then welcome aboard Milano " Thorn watching this just looked away with a tutt as Spock then shrugged his shoulders and said "Hu alright then it seems like this is an Unwin predicament ah alright she has my vote for coming with us " Princeps then finaly spoke again and said "so if theres no changing your mind then I two well say yes. But at the same time no worries If she does get into trouble your highness we will help save her " Alita [Fails ] smirked and said "alright now that thats all out of the way. Hows about we get going now that chalice isent going to find itself " Princeps then smiled and said "right just give me one second so we can give you and Milano your own horses your highness " Milano [Alita ] questioned looking interested "Our own Horses ?" Princeps nodded as he then turned around and done a whistle with his two fingers as then two other horses burst through the Doors with the Guards looking stunned as was Alita [Fails ] and Milano [Alita ] the former thought to herself "when did he learn to do that ?" as then the two horses walked over to them as Princeps explains "we brought you some exstra horses for you  your Magicsty " as he then went up into his horse Alita [Fails ] then got exsited and said "Alright, beats useing one of our horses but wait why did you bring a second one ? " Spock exsplained getting up on his horse " my idea there was a sixty two percent chance you were going to bring someone like a gaurd,a knight or a Captain but you know a Maid could work so arnt you getting on Milano " Milano looked at her horse right in the eye the Horse then rubbed its head up agesnt her kindly as Milano [Alita ] then pet it saying happyly "Sure I well " she then got up on her horse while haveing alittle bit of trubble staying on as then Alita [Fails ] questioned "alright then lets head out " Thorn looked annoyed by this and said " Hay who died and made you the ......." "at onece your Highness " Princep said as he went first icnoring Thorn as then he,Spock and Rubina went up ahead of her Thorn looked annoyed by this and said " Hey wait up !" as she then horse rided right after them Alita [Fails ] looked ready as she said "theres no turning back now. lets go Milano " as Milano [Alita ] then nooded back saying "right " Just out of the doorway of the throne room Jado who looked worried about both Alita and Fails as well as Kaito who had one last look at Milano [Alita ] before she went out of the room thinking "Alita be safe " as  both Alita and Fails then ride with the Horseriders to there new and possibley last Advenger.

End of Episode 

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